The list of NFL top selling jerseys was released and it includes no Chicago Bears.

According to, "Sports Business Daily has released the top 15 selling NFL jerseys."

On that list, there are no Chicago Bears. Which isn't surprising because they were one of the worst teams in the league last season. You don't want to spend big money on a jersey for a player that's not going to last. When your favorite team is bad, you can't even trust a first round draft pick.

If you want a current player. It might be worth the risk to buy a Kyle Long, but you're still taking a chance. You're better off going for a legendary player like Walter Payton.

It's funny to go into the Bear's store at Soldier Field and see the rack of flops. The jerseys of players that had such potential, but didn't cut it. Last year it was filled with Jared Allen jerseys.

With how expensive they have gotten, I really wish there was jersey insurance. If you invest in a jersey and the player doesn't work out, you would be covered.

Then I wouldn't have a bin in my basement full of jerseys that I will never wear again.

Looking at our rival to the north, the Green Bay Packers. I thought they might fair a little better. Especially, because their team has had much more success for the past few seasons.

Their only entry to the top 15 is Aaron Rodgers at number 13.

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