The top selling NFL jersey in Illinois is not a Chicago Bear's player.

It's been awhile since we've had a good football team in Chicago. That means lately, great Bears have been few and far between.

Nobody wants to spend big money on a jersey and the player ends up being a huge flop. You could buy one of those cheap knock offs from the internet, but they can look really fake. There's the option of putting your own name and number on it, but that just seems weird to me. I like to go old school, but sometimes I want a current player.

So, it really doesn't surprise me that the top selling jersey in Illinois isn't from the Bears.

I remember growing up the team was bad, but we at least had Walter Payton. We could wear that jersey proudly.

Back then, I knew some Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys fans. That's because the Bears sucked and those other teams were good.

Nowadays there are many New England Patriot's fans outside of the Boston area, because of their success.

That's why it doesn't surprise me that according to,

"The top selling jersey in Illinois belongs to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady."

Bear's fans don't be too disappointed,

"Brady has the top-selling shirt in a league-high 18 states."


"The Patriots quarterback has the top-selling jersey in the league."

A quick message to Green Bay Packer's fans. Before you start making fun of the Chicago Bears, remember all you have is Aaron Rodgers. He's dropped out of the top ten and is now at thirteen.

A word to the wise, you might want to hold off before purchasing a current player until they've proven themselves.

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