What if your favorite player on your team got traded, would you want to exchange their jersey for a different one?

Since I'm a Chicago sports fan, I've gone through it many times. One of the teams will draft or sign a new player. I get excited, so I go out and purchase their jersey. They end up sucking or leaving the team. Then I'm stuck with this nice expensive jersey that I'm too embarrassed to wear ever again.

A couple of years ago, I joked with my friends that there should be some sort of jersey insurance you can buy. That way you're covered if something happens to the player whose jersey you purchased. I don't know if you've bought any team merchandise lately, but it's really expensive.

Then I read this article from espn.com,

"Fanatics, the largest seller of jerseys in the U.S. The announced that it will offer fans a chance to exchange for either the new jersey of their favorite player or to get a different jersey of a player on their team if the player whose jersey they recently bought gets traded."

How does this program work?

"If a fan buys a jersey on the site within three months of a player leaving that team, the fan has two weeks to make an exchange."

Well, it's not exactly what I was hoping for, but at least it's something.

Nowadays, I try to stick with legendary players.

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