Texting while driving is illegal and extremely dangerous. A new gadget will allow police to know exactly who is texting and driving.

Onzeg, Think Stock
Onzeg, Think Stock

Most of us, if not all, are guilty of texting while driving. In an age where texting seems to be the preferred method of getting your message across quickly and efficiently without actually speaking to anyone.

I drive, a lot, and it's easy to pick out the drivers on the express way who are texting, scrolling through Facebook or whatever else they may be doing. Usually they are driving exponentially slower than most, swerving quite a bit and have their head down.

Police though have a difficult time enforcing the "No Texting While Driving" law as they can't ticket you without actually seeing you do it. That is about to change.

A company in Virginia, ComSonics, has come up with a type of 'sensor gun' that can pick up a signal if you are texting while driving.

According to DailyDot.com, when a cell phone is in use, it emits radio frequencies that can be picked up and detected. When texting, a certain frequency can be picked up by these new sensor guns.

My question is what about when I text from my phone when I'm driving? Yes... I do it all the time, as my iPhone will READ my texts to me, ASK me if I would like to respond and then TRANSLATES my voice into a text. It's all hands free and I don't have to even look at my phone.

Will this 'magical-radar-gun' be my best friend because it will keep myself and other drivers safe on the road or will this be a privacy breach and nightmare? You decide.

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