We moved into a new house this year and finding the perfect place for our Christmas tree was a bit of a challenge.

I had the perfect place picked out for our Christmas tree before we even officially bought the home, (yes I am a person who thinks about decorating when attending open houses), and then when it finally came time to put up the tree, my heart broke a little. Our tree was too big for the "perfect" place I had picked out, which then caused the need for a lot of furniture reshuffling.

Why am I telling you this frustrating tree tale? Because I just learned today that I made the biggest mistake one can ever make when putting up a Christmas tree.

The Biggest Christmas Tree Mistake You Can Make

Please allow me to present Exhibit A:

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Townsquare Media

Our TV and stand usually reside in the corner where I put up our Christmas tree. I moved the stand and the TV over to make room for the tree, but I failed to move our internet router, and that is where all our problems began.

When we stream live television it freezes and lags.

Internet speeds are slower and continuously drop off all of our devices.

I'm constantly having to check and reconnect the internet to our devices and computers.


These are all problems we didn't experience in November, and today I finally found the root of our problem...the dang Christmas tree.

According to syncni.com;

A christmas tree can be a perfect storm for disrupting wifi due to the huge number of branches, ornaments made of different materials, and even interference from fairy lights.

Basically, your internet router shouldn't have an issue getting a signal through floors and walls, but the size of your Christmas tree and the lights you use on it can really mess things up. (FYI, Blinking and twinkling lights are your router's arch-nemesis).

Do you think it's a double whammy that the room where my router sits not only contains a big Christmas tree but a ton of lights too? I guess I'll just suffer through crappy internet signals a few more weeks because I am NOT moving all my holiday pretties.

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