Last week I walked into a gas station and asked for $$ on a pump 7 and grabbed my phone. The lady at the counter blurted out, "we don't take Apple Pay!" She seemed irritated that I attempted to pay that way. Shame on me for thinking this was a universal system.

Man using a ATM

I figured we've come a long way since the ATM. I mean, with all the cash apps, Apple Pay, etc., you would think most places let you pay with your phone. I guess there are still places that only accept cards and probably checks.

Concept of paying by credit card.

When businesses were navigating through COVID-19, a lot of industries went touchless in various ways. I remember a bar and grill having a QR code on the receipt as a way to pay. I loved this idea. If your form of payment required a signature there are a whole lot of germs being swapped.

A close-up of a black credit card with the numbers 4511

Get ready because technology is fluid and constantly evolving. There may be a time when you will be able to make purchases without a card or a phone. In fact, the research has already begun. It will one day be a reality.

Hand showing middle finger with wedding ring

I feel crazy saying this but maybe, just maybe, I'd be willing to implant a chip in my hand to make purchases with. I can't be the only person in Illinois who would be interested.

$300 A YEAR?

A company, called Walletmor, is spearheading an implantable chip that could serve as your new debit card. A news report only specifies the implant is in the hand. 2,000 people in Europe say they're down for this, which at this point is estimated to cost consumers $300 a year. You can read more.

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