If you think it takes effort to get a teenager off a cell phone, you have no idea how right you are.

Earlier this month, three campus police officers wrestled a 15-year-old girl to the ground to take her phone, with one jamming his knee into her head.

You can see footage of the incident, recorded by another student at Sam Houston High in Houston, above.

Ixel Perez had been busted using the phone in class, a violation of the school's policy, and was sent to the hallway. She refused to give up the phone, which is required when students who use them in class are caught.

Ixel, however, claims she didn't want to surrender the phone, citing her mother's medial issues.

Ixel walked away from an assistant principal, who called in the police. Still, Ixel would not give up her phone, which is what led to the ugly confrontation.

The school continues to investigate, while Ixel claims she will never return to classes there.

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