Well, '‘Tis The Season' for new laws to be put in effect for the New Year.

new laws for illinois 2016
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In the spirit of rock and roll… of course rules are meant to be broken. But you may not want to break these. Here are a few laws that I think are worth mention:

1. Opening your pill bottles will become a bigger pain in than they already are. NEW NUMERICAL LOCKING DEVICES WILL BE PLACED ON OPIOID PHARMACEUTICAL PRESCRIPTION BOTTLES. This new lock will be similar to a gym locker, with a combination. Now your pill bottle has an extra layer of protection against those who shouldn't be taking your prescribed medication in the first place.

2. Truck drivers and tow companies pay close attention to this one!  A NEW LAW IN ILLINOIS PUTS IN PLACE LIMITS ON NON-CONSENSUAL TOWS OF LARGE TRUCKS. The new law prohibits towers from removing a commercial vehicle under the vehicle’s own power without authorization from law enforcement. It also requires law enforcement responsible for patrolling highways to maintain at least one tow rotation list.

3. Just got your 4th DUI? You will now be able to get back behind the wheel again. PEOPLE WITH 4 DUI CONVICTIONS, THAT MAINTAIN A DRUG AND ALCOHOL FREE LIFESTYLE FOR 3 YEARS, CAN DRIVE AGAIN. Those who qualify will still be required to have a breath ignition-interlock device in their vehicle.

4. Gone are the days of 'zero tolerance' suspensions and expulsions. SCHOOLS WILL BE REQUIRED TO TRY EVERY OUTLET BEFORE EXPELLING OR SUSPENDING A STUDENT FOR MORE THAN THREE DAYS.  In order for kids to do well, they need to be in school. I see many in school suspensions in problem children's futures.

5. Bring your pets inside and treat them the way you want to be treated! THE NEW LAW MAKES IT ILLEGAL TO LEAVE PETS IN EXTREME HEAT OR COLD. Owners found guilty could be looking at a year in jail or a $2,500 fine.

6. If you have children and you are getting a divorce, prepare for everything you have ever heard about custody laws to change. ILLINOIS IS DOING AWAY WITH CUSTODY AND VISITATION. Parental responsibilities will now be broken into categories such as education, health, religion, and extra-curricular activities. The separate issue of setting a physical care schedule (“visitation”) will simply remain separate.

7. Marijuana may be legal, BUT IT WILL BE ILLEGAL TO BE IN POSSESSION OF, DISTRIBUTE OR MANUFACTURE SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA OR SYTHETIC DRUG "K2."Good is what I have to say. That stuff is deadly. Make it be known, any compound that contains the analog of K2, but is modified to not have the exact chemical composition or structure of K2, will also be illegal.

9. If you are getting a divorce in 2016, THE ONLY GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE WILL BE NO FAULT. If you want a divorce, must still show irreconcilable differences caused the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, efforts to reconcile have failed, and future attempts to reconcile would be impracticable and not in the best interests of the family. This one gets pretty intense, you can read more about the new divorce laws here.

10. If you have a loved one in a long-term facility, FAMILIES AND SKILLED NURSING RESIDENTS WILL NOW BE ABLE TO USE THEIR OWN RECORDING DEVICES AND CAMERAS TO MONITOR WHAT HAPPENS IN THEIR OWN RESIDENT ROOMS.This new law allows residents or their families to install their own monitoring devices in rooms at certain long-term care facilities, including licensed nursing homes and facilities licensed to care for developmentally disabled. This will allow you to take watch on grandma and make sure she is getting the best care, which is what she deserves.

11. Let us say you are under 21 years old, you and your friend had way too much alcohol to drink. (We do not condone this type of behavior.) Your friend gets extremely ill and you need medical attention. IN 2016, UNDERAGE DRINKERS CALLING FOR HELP WILL HAVE IMMUNITY. This provides legal protection for a person needing medical help and the person who called for him or her.

12. TRAFFIC TICKETS WILL NOW COST YOU $5 MORE. To help police pay for new equipment, like body cameras, traffic tickets are upped by $5. This does not include parking, registration, or pedestrian offenses.

13. If your student athlete suffers a concussion on the field, I sure hope that never happens, NEW LAW MANDATES ALL ILLINOIS SCHOOLS TO HAVE A CONCUSSION OVERSIGHT TEAM THAT WILL DEVELOP A RETURN TO LEARN AND PLAY PROTOCOL. Students recovering will be supported by the school staff and plans will be put into development to get the student back on track.

There you have it my friends, The New Illinois Laws for 2016. Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season and New Years!

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