Tis the season for new laws to be put in effect for the New Year. Here are a few laws you will want to become familiar with for 2015.

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1. Kids can have a lemonade stand, as long as they don't make $1,000. Finally 'the man' has dropped the idea of making your kiddos have a permit to sell their lemonade for pennies.

2. Teachers will now be trained to teach children with dyslexia better. This is great news for students who suffer from dyslexia. Dyslexia will now be included in Illinois' special education provisions and the State Board of Education will provide teachers with specialized training.

3. Hunting isn't just for Ted Nugent anymore, kids (kind of) can too. Kids can now accompany their parents hunting without the child taking the Hunting Safety Course.

4. In the case of a horrific event of being sexually attacked, new law states that your assailant must be tested for STDs. If in the event this shall ever happen, you at least will know if you have contracted any sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Defibrillators aren't just for doctors anymore. CPR and the use of defibrillator machines (AEDs) will be taught in every school this year. Yet, if you or your child has religious or moral objections, they can be taken out of the class.

6. Calorie Counters Unite! New FDA rules will require all chain restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, movie theaters, amusement parks and vending machines to post the calorie content of food "clearly" on their menus. I have a feeling this won't make me order a small popcorn at the theater instead of the jumbo size at the theater.

7. Spousal maintenance guidelines now become law in Illinois. Divorcing couples whose combined gross income is less than $250,000 can expect a statutory formula to determine how much will be granted in spousal maintenance. Although judges aren’t required to use the formula, they must make a finding explaining why they did not. There is a lot of mumbo jumbo that I hope to not understand (seeing as I just got married) so you can read the rest of the fine print on the link above.

8. Expecting mothers can no longer be discriminated at the work place. Now I know that there are laws already in place, but a new act changes it a bit. Now, the Human Rights Act’s pregnancy discrimination provisions will apply to all employers, not just those with 15 or more employees. The law also expands the definition of pregnancy discrimination to include discrimination against employees or applicants based on “medical or common conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth.” Also, reasonable accommodations must be made, like longer breaks, modified schedule, maternity leave etc.

There you have it my friends, The New Illinois Laws for 2015. Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season and New Years!