There is new candy being release for Easter 2017.

Now that St. Patrick's Day is over and officially Spring, it's time for Easter to come up on the radar.

Of course, I understand the real meaning of Easter, but being a Dad has made the Easter Bunny a lot of fun.

I love hiding the eggs and putting together an Easter basket. I much rather create my own basket for my daughter instead of buying a pre-made one.

It's exciting to see the new candy that comes out each year. has released the list of new Easter Candy for 2017.

As you are shopping the candy aisles of your favorite stores like Schnucks, Woodman's, Walmart, or Walgreen's, keep an eye out for these tasty treats.

Maybe the kids could even hit up the Easter Bunny, when they go to see him at CherryVale Mall.

Then your children can have to coolest candy in their lunch in all of RPS 205.

Here are my top ten candy new releases for Easter 2017 from

I think it's time to go do a little candy shopping.


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