As it turns out, a $26 croissant at the newsstand is not the craziest thing you'll see at the airport.

A man at Charlotte Douglas Airport, in Charlotte, NC, recently took off all of his clothes while everyone around him looked on, presumably in more shock than when they learn their flight has been delayed for three hours.

A passenger who took photos of the man says he was in his birthday suit for 40 minutes before the cops hauled him away. (Side note: is anyone else mildly concerned it took police 40 minutes to respond to an emergency? In an airport?)

The man was reportedly ticked off that a flight to Jamaica had been overbooked (and we're guessing he just didn't want to wait to get the feel of all those nude beaches).

Police say the man was off his meds, which we always thought was just some lame joke you make around your friends when they do something dumb, but apparently it's real. Police did not arrest the man, who was instead taken to a hospital.

One traveler may have summed up the incident best when he said, "It's embarrassing. That guy should think about what's going on, who's around him and seriously get some psychological evaluation, or help."

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