Where did our beloved hometown rank on the Most Obese cities in the Nation List? Higher than I thought.

It's no surprise that obesity is on the rise. With the amount of time wasted behind the plethora of electronic devices, busy lifestyles and easily accessible processed and fast foods, numbers continue to rise across the country.

Rockford Ranks on Most Obese Cities in the Nation
Amy Walters, ThinkStock

A list was put together by Gallup.com reporting the most and least obese cities in the nation. Although this study was published in 2014, it doesn't discredit the validity of the information in my own opinion.

The information was gathered through Gallup and Healthways using self-reported information. They tracked the obesity levels using Americans' self-reported height and weight to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) scores. BMI scores of 30 or higher are considered obese.

Here are the Most Obese Cities in the Nation:Most Obese U.S. Communities

Here are the Least Obese Cities in the Nation:

Least Obese U.S. Communities

Do these number come as a shock? They did to me.



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