Five new statues have been added to downtown Rockford, I crack the code on what they are all about. These statues are hoping to draw more attention and business to the downtown area.

WTVO reports that these statues will be in the Rockford area for 1 year. They are each made by renowned artists. WTVO explains,

New York-based artist Hans Van de Bovenkamps's The Red Trunk and Elephant Heart sculptures are on located on East State and 3rd Streets. His Sagg Portal, which references the artist's hometown of Sagaponack, NY, is on display on the West bank of the Rock River. Vaadia's sculpture called Ah’av is near Vintage on E. State, and another, called Oracle, sits right in front of the BMO Harris Bank Center.

I've had some time to look at these new statues, and I think I may have cracked the code on them as well:

Statue 1, I call it 'Baby Symbol' simply because it is red and kinda looks like The Symbol got all squished up.

Statue 2, I call it 'Baby Maker' and I'm not going to explain this one. I think it's pretty obvious.

Statue 3, Statue 4 and Statue 5: Statue 3 is all the way to the left. I think it is an ode to the famous 'Thinking Man' statue who has just had it up to here with thinking. He's now relaxing and taking the weight of the world off of his shoulders. Statue 4 seen from this angle is simply titled in my mind 'The Transformer Who Got Away.' Statue 4 would probably transform into a cheese grater that would shower the city with delicious cheddar. Statue 5 all the way to the right in the picture looks much like Statue 4, yet when assembled, it looks like a big O. We will call Statue 5, 'The Big Zero.'

That's what I see when I look at these statues anyways. What do you see!?

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