The video posted a few weeks ago of Rockford in 1949 was such a hit, I thought you might enjoy another trip back in time.

I've scoured YouTube for the best-quality and most-entertaining long-forgotten local Rockford TV commercials available. How many of these do you remember?

Here's one for B. Sanfield from a broadcast on December 9, 1986. And if you stick around for a few seconds after the spot, you'll see a weather promo featuring Sue Mroz:

Here's a commerical for Weise's Shoes from December of 1976:

You didn't think we'd do an entire list without a little self-promotion, did you? Here's a classic WROK commercial for a guy you might know, Riley O'Neil:

Apparently waterbeds were a HUGE thing during the late 70s and early 80s. I saw a handful of different stores advertising for sales on waterbeds while doing research for this list. This one is for The Bedroom:

Want to learn magic? Magic Manor can help you out!

This one is for a big sale going down at Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet:

Take a close look at this commercial for WZOK in 1987 and you'll see a much younger Steve Summers from Q98.5!

Need a couch? Head for the big liquidation sale at Rockford Furniture Mart:

This seems like a fine place to find evewryone's Easter outfit -- Knight's Armour Clothing in the Hillcrest Centre:

Good tickets available for the next Rockford Lightning game:

And finally, the late, lamented Wolf Chevrolet makes an appearance:



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