Kevin Doom from WTVO and Fox 39 has absolutely knocked it out of the park with his weather forecasts the last couple weeks. The past two weekends have brought poor travel conditions and some interesting weather, this guy has been spot on. He is honest and caring in his delivery, and doesn't give you the "sky is falling" forecast, I appreciate that.

But, there is something missing.

This past Friday night I was sitting at home with my son Nicholas, getting ready to watch WWE Smackdown on Fox 39. As Kevin was giving the weekend weather forecast, my son said "this guy needs a signature move." We discussed possibilities, and this is what we came up with.."The Kevin Doom Hair Throwback." We could call it the "Doom Toss." O.K. here's what I'm thinking:

As Kevin is wrapping up his final look at weather and getting ready to throw it back to Eric and Mimi, he runs his hand through his hair and then points at them "back to you Eric and Mimi." Boom Kevin Doom, Boom.

All of the good ones have a signature saying or move...


Heck look at Eric Wilson from WTVO and Fox 39..."stay safe." This needs to become a thing.

"The Kevin Doom Hair Toss" could become the stuff of legend. To be continued...



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