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The "Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman, called Captain Jack to talk about the season premiere of Smackdown which airs tonight on Fox 39 at 7 pm. Braun will get a shot at the WWE Universal Championship when he takes on Roman Reigns. How does Braun feel about Roman? Let's just say he "edited" himself nicely, and used the proper sentence enhancers.

Not only will Braun and Roman tangle tonight, but Braun will face Keith Lee on RAW Monday night, so basically he's taking it easy.

As the 300 plus pound monster was sweating down in Florida during the call, we also discussed Corona Virus, being humble, how Roman sucks, Roman isn't worthy, Roman needs to take a step back, and how Roman is gonna "Get These Hands!"

Captain Jack vs Braun Strowman...enjoy:


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