These mystery prints were across my backyard last night, what animal could this possibly be? I did some research online, and do not one definitive answer...yet.

When I got home from work last night, I was asked to take a look at something in our backyard. There were some sort of prints in the snow, a good 20-25 feet from our deck. Now while we do have a dog, our 15lbs French Bulldog would never venture out that far, and the snow is too deep for her to do that anyway.

As I walked out I noticed, and followed them in both directions...The prints start in the neighbors front yard, (this animal obviously cam across their plowed driveway) and made it's way through their backyard and into ours.

The prints are individual marks. Large marks, that happen every two or three feet. The snow out there is probably a foot deep. Lots of blowing and drifting, left quiet a snow filled backyard.

Here is ONE print:


You can watch this trail of prints curve it's way through our backyard, again with that every two to three feet separation. Interesting this you do not see multiple prints close to each other.

Here's the print separation:


After making it's way through the backyard, it went into a wooded area at the edge of out property. I tried to follow the prints into the wooded area, but the snow is a bit more in "piles" through the trees, makes it hard to follow.

Here's the prints going into wooded area:


There was one print that showed the animal perhaps turning and sliding...perhaps a tail of some sort. This one threw off my guessing quit a bit.

The bigger print unlike the others:


So I did some Google searching..."Animal prints in the snow." There are multiple sites dedicated to this.

So what's the conclusion?

According to my research, I'm guessing a fox. We do have foxes in the area, that will sit in the trees on occasion...You can see their eyes. Or this is some sort of one-legged, hopping, size 22EEE shoe wearing "Snow Monster!" I'm going with that...What do you think?

TSM Rockford
TSM Rockford

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