Before you move in with a new roommate, you might want to figure out if they own any swords.

Not The First Incident This Month In Illinois Involving Roommates And Swords 

Recently in Champaign, a suspect threatened his roommate with a cane sword. Even though that's a pretty cool weapon, the situation is terrifying. I've lived with some crazy people through the years, but nothing even close to anything like that.

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Illinois Man Attacks Roommate With Two Swords

Illinois Man Attacks Roommate With Two Swords

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This time the sword attack happened in Normal. That's kind of ironic. The swashbuckler's name is Albert Edwards. He apparently owns at least two swords. For some reason, the suspect decided it would be a good idea to wake up his roommate in the middle of the night. At this point, we do not know the name of the victim.

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Edwards woke up his roommate in a rough way by hitting him multiple times. The victim was not happy and started yelling at his friend. At that point, the suspect pulled out, not one, but two swords. Albert attacked him with the blades. Luckily, he didn't suffer any major injuries.

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The victim called the police. When they arrived, the officers immediately took away the weapons and arrested the suspect. What's the deal with roommates and swords? Is that a "thing" now?

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