This is what it was like for me to have dinner with the POTUS.

President Obama was spotted in Chicago last night having dinner at RPM Steak House. This is the restaurant that television stars Giuliana and Bill Rancic own. What TV show were/are they on? Don't know and don't care.

Anyway, POTUS really enjoyed his dinner (I assume so at least) because all of the photos show him hugging everyone, kissing babies and dare I say, smiling!

I was 10 or so at the time, and Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary, and Tipper and Al Gore were all staying at the same hotel as me in St. Louis. I was quite the little ballerina and I had a very big competition in this particular hotel.

I don't remember all of the details, I was 10 years old for crying out loud, but there are a few things that predominantly stick out.

I remember roaming the halls with the girls from my dance studio and we saw this mysterious, important-looking man (Bill Clinton) walk into a hotel room.

We waited a while to see what would happen. The door was cracked open so we decided to walk in too. Security was not happy and chased us out of the room. We ran down the hall then got in trouble by hotel security for holding the elevator door open too long.

Tables were scattered closely inside the main dining area and each had their own umbrella. It was like fancy patio tables inside shielding you from the sunlight and open windows above. That's the way I remember it anyways.

I remember having dinner with Bill Clinton, or maybe it was breakfast? Either way I had a meal and he was in the same room. My little brother, John, was 3 years old at the time, and boy was he a nightmare. He was eating chicken fingers and fries, which he ate most of the time.

Everything was going fine until John got a little rambunctious. He must have been really bored with all of us staring and pointing at Bill Clinton. During this point of the meal, he picked up a "grown-up-plate" and threw it across the room where it shattered into a several pieces. I was so embarrassed, and I think my parents and sister were too. Needless to say, we weren't asked to have dinner with the soon-to-be-POTUS-Bill-Clinton again.

On a positive note, Hillary Clinton told me in an elevator that I was very pretty in my little ballet outfit. So it's a win-win for me!