The former President of the United States of America fulfilled his civic duty by showing up for jury duty in Cook County.

It's one of those letters I dread getting in the mail. I've been selected for jury duty in Winnebago County.

I actually just received a "jury duty survey" to fill out this week. I'm sure I'll be getting called soon.

I immediately start thinking of ways to get out of it. Of course, none of them will work for me.

I've been chosen twice. The first time I was there all morning. They let me go to lunch and when I got back, I was dismissed. The trial was settled with a plea bargain.

The next time, I called to check in the night before and found out I wasn't needed.

I actually tried to get out of the first time because I had something for work I couldn't miss. It didn't work. They just rescheduled for me.

There are guidelines for jury duty, but I always wondered who could actually get out of jury duty? They would have to be someone special.

How about a former President of the United States?

According to,

"Barack Obama made an appearance at Daley Plaza in Chicago for Cook County jury duty. He owns a home in Chicago."

I guess if the former "Most Powerful Man in the Free World," doesn't have a good enough excuse to get out of jury duty, I shouldn't even try.

"Prospective juror Barack Obama was not chosen to sit on a jury. 

Next time you get that jury duty letter in the mail, remember it's just part of living in America.


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