I just heard the news today and my heart has broken, Rockford Airfest will be suspended indefinitely.

I am in complete shock, I'm disappointed and I'm hanging my head low today.

Today started out like any other day really, that is until 10:23 a.m. when I read a story on WTVO about how the Chicago Rockford International Airport has announced that it is "suspending the airshow in future years due to recent expansions taking place at the airport."


I thought dates were already set for 2017!? Well, they were, but have been cancelled. It doesn't seem as if we can expect to see a Rockford Airfest anytime soon, or ever again.

Rockford Airfest was my favorite events in the Rockford area. I was honored to be a part of media day during two past Airfests. I have the brave men and women who serve our country taught me so much about myself and gave me a once in a life time opportunity.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to fly in an L-39 Albatros Jet. It was absolutely insane. My trusty pilot and I spent almost an hour in the air, flying upside down, pushing the limits of gravity and having an amazing time at it.

Then in 2015, The Blue Angels helped me cross off an item on my personal bucket list. All I have ever wanted to do in life is become and astronaut. (Yep, I'm a space geek!) The idea of going weightless in space fascinates me. Well, I was able to do just that!

Being up in the sky or on the ground with my greatest friends was quite a treat. The Rockford Airfest was magical, special to us here in Rockford and is something I will never forget.

I sure hope we will be seeing a Rockford Airfest again in the future, but as of now, it seems extremely unlikely.


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