On Monday December 12th, Lori returns to The Eagle airwaves.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

While on maternity leave, Lori has technically two replacements.

First off, Tina Fox. What an amazing on-air talent that has the world in the palm of her hands. This young lady will do BIG THINGS one day in radio, she's that damn good.

Secondly, Cardboard Lori. With Lori not around, she still made appearances...sort of. A huge thanks to my friend  for supplying me with a stand-up cardboard Marylin Monroe. Me slapped on Lori's mug and took her everywhere:

  • The Gym
  • Apple Orchard
  • 96 Hours of Caring
  • Hanging with Rockstars
  • Remote Broadcasts
  • Gambling
  • In Studio
  • Hanging with Eagle listeners

So Monday beginning at 9am, do me a favor and welcome Lori back with a phone call:


Call early, call often.





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