It's my first day back after maternity leave and I'm a ball of mixed emotions.

Lori, Townsquare Media

Today is an extremely exciting day for me, as well as very difficult. It is my first day back after maternity leave.

For the past twelve weeks I've battled a terrifying bout of Pre-Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome, I gave birth to my sweet daughter Harlow, I learned how to master eating with one hand while nursing the baby and how to function in society on less than two hours of sleep.

I had December 12th marked on my calendar for the past twelve weeks, watching the countdown until I had to return to work. I miss my sweet girl more than I could ever describe, but at the same time I'm so ready to be back in the working world.

I've been a ball of emotion and I have to imagine that every new mom has the same thoughts as I did. My mind has been racing! Here are 22 thoughts I'm sure every mom thinks on their first day back at work.

  1. Did I remember all of my pump parts?
  2. It's been 42 minutes since my husband text me. What are he and the baby doing!?
  3. *Receive picture text from husband with baby sleeping* Oh, my sweet little girl. How I miss her so much!
  4. Thank God I wore waterproof mascara, I just ugly cried for a good three minutes.
  5. I wonder if Daddy sucked the boogers out of her nose.
  6. How did I forget photos of Harlow to put on my desk! *Scroll through baby photos on phone for five minutes at desk*
  7. Is the tile in the bathroom different? Or did I just never notice it before?
  8. I just hugged you and my belly didn't touch you. Whoa. *Looks down at feet* I can see them!
  9. *Receives text message from husband asking if there are more wipes in the house* Awe, they need me. They miss me!
  10. Wait a minute, how big of a poop are we talking here?
  11. Isn't it great, look at me using grown up words!
  12. I sure hope I haven't forgotten how to do my job.
  13. Thank God I have a job I love, or this would be torture.
  14. I wonder what Daddy and Harlow are up to. *Reaches for phone and texts them*
  15. No response! No response! What are they doing!?
  16. *Texts husband again* I bet they are having nap time, it's the only logical explanation.
  17. A nap. Nap time sounds nice. *Stares at couch*
  18. I can't take a nap, I'll get in trouble... or will I?
  19. *Stares at phone* It's been over an hour and a half since I last heard what they were up to. Should I call 911!?
  20. Calm down Lori, you are being ridiculous.
  21. *Heats up lunch and sits down to eat and pump* Whoa... is this what it is like to eat with two hands.
  22. Look at me! Look at me! I'm eating lunch with two hands and it is still hot!
  23. Halfway over. Yup, almost time to go see my girl.

My goodness do I miss her. Thank you for such the warm welcome today, it sure made my transition to my first day back a great one!

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