She has been such a stinker! Every time I hit record, she stops... until now.

I'm so excited because I finally got a :17 second video of my daughter kicking me!

If you have ever felt the little (now extremely strong and fierce) kicks of a baby in the womb, you know how incredible of a feeling it is.

For the longest time, my husband would never feel her kick. I would grab his hand and put it on my tummy only for him to look at me like I had six eyeballs. She would always stop kicking when Daddy was around. I think it's because he has a very calming effect on me and it must calm her down too.

If this is any indication of his calming skills, I see many late nights of him rocking her to sleep in his future.

Now that I am about 31 weeks along in my first pregnancy, baby girl is extremely active. I can see her move around in there on the outside of my tummy! I can sit and watch her move around all day. I love to put my hand on my stomach and feel her move back and forth to music. She loves music, just like her Mommy.

I've tried on many occasions to capture the moment on film so that I can send it to my husband while he is at work as a "we are thinking of you video." Yet, it seems that every time I hit record, she quits moving. Little stinker she is!

That all changed last night. I was sitting on the couch, pillow in lap, watching television. Music came on during the show and she started dancing! It was so strong and I was able to capture a quick :17 seconds on my phone. I was ecstatic. I couldn't wait to share!


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