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There is a thing called, "National Throw a Short Person Day," seriously. Sounds fun, probably wouldn't recommend it at work...Maybe a relative would work the best?  So we let the vertically challenged have their day...I guess.

From UrbanDictionary comes NATIONAL KICK TALL PEOPLE DAY on Sunday, October 25th! So here is the deal, if you are 5'4 or under, according to this article you are allowed to kick people taller than you, in the shins.

There is a side note to this, which is that short people OVER 5'4 are also allowed to kick people taller than them in the shins. So basically if there is someone taller than you, you can kick them?

The best part with social distancing, you can wear a mask and run up on someone and kick them and run away...with your tiny legs. That works, right?

Be safe little people, I know the kick won't be that hard...but be safe.

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