This is freaking insane.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was drop-kicked over the weekend in South Africa. The former Governor of California was there promoting sports and youth activities and ended up being assaulted. As you will see in the video above, a man sneaks up from behind 'The Terminator' and kicks him so hard, that he falls to the ground.

Can you imagine the stupidity it must take to try and assault the T-800? I mean this is Arnold Freaking Schwarzenegger we're talking about here. Even if he's not looking, you're still writing a check that your ass can't cash. The assailant is just lucky others were there to intervene before Arnie got his hands on him.

Schwarzenegger said in a Twitter statement (see below), that he is okay, and he did not even realize he was kicked until he saw the video. He thought he was just being pushed by the crowd. Clearly, the 'Kindergarten Cop' has a sense of humor about this and is not going to press charges. I don't know if I would be that forgiving, would you?

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