Once again, it's been brought to my attention that an individual I used be in the same building with, can't keep me out his mouth. Apparently I am top of mind for this guy and he pulls no punches with his colorful language in describing me. (All true of course)

There was a point about six months ago where I reached out this individual and basically said, you don't like me I don't like you...but let's be adults and move fwd. Extended the olive branch if you will. That was met with an F.U. by this fella, imagine that!

So when earlier this week I was told how in public, this little guy still likes to speak about me...I just shook my head. I thought you know what let's help some people that might be in a similar situation, that is my response.

So according to WIKIHOW here are three ways to deal with people that talk behind your back:


  • Do Nothing - This is my approach. People gossip and talk to make themselves feel better, or taller.
  • Treat Them With Kindness - Be genuine, use kindness....limit the sarcasm. 
  • Set Limits For Gossipers - Keeping the little people at arms length is a great saying. If you are worried about giving them additional fuel for their fire, zip yo lip. 


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