It was brought to my attention over the weekend, that a guy I used to work with (that I haven't worked with for four years) still talks about me...a lot. He was always a gossiper that lived through other because he hated his life, and I guess this continues on.

I truly can't remember the last time I had any sort of thought about this individual. It's amazing how moving on with your life, being happy, and loving what you do can make other people so angry.

Now there are steps you can take to "cure" yourself of such negativity. First off you can just shut up. That seems logical. But, in all seriousness you could seek professional help as in some sort of therapy. Talking to others is a good thing, and doesn't make you less of a man. Sometimes you need to take a step back and assess the situation you are in. There might be too many cooks in the kitchen as the saying goes.

Let's get to the heart of the matter here and figure out why people just can't stop talking about you. Here's four reasons, thanks to LOVEPANKY:

  • They Maybe a Raving Lunatic - Some people just like to talk. Gives them something to focus on.  It amps them up, get them excited about life, and gives them energy.
  • They may be narcissistic - If you can make every conversation about you, "you" have some issues dude.
  • They may have underdeveloped listening skills - They could gain information simply by gauging reactions and getting into heated topics and conversations.
  • They may be nervous around you - For this specific individual, I know this was true. He hid behind his "friend" and had difficulty with eye contact.

These might be things you notice with co-workers or ever family members. Keep smiling, and keep doing what you do. "Sticks and stones", right?



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