O.K., brace yourself for this one...During a July 18th Stephenson County Administrative Services Committee Meeting, a fella by the name of Alvin Wire wanted to add his two cents to a Stephenson County sexual harassment policy for county employees. His brilliant idea, adding an "enticement clause."  The Voice of Freeport

His specific quote to this sexual harassment policy:

“I would add enticement. Any dress or bodily actions which could
entice someone to commit any of the above actions.” - Alvin Wire 

He was serious. But wait there's more, how about an example:

“Having major cleavage could entice someone to ogle... That’s enticement. In other words, it’s one sided.” - Alvin Wire 

This doesn't even go into the "cancel culture" folder, you sir are an idiot. The Mayor of Freeport, Jody Miller agrees and laid the smack down on Bill Cosby, I mean, Alvin:


freeport mayor

Thanks for coming, Al.

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