I did not have a good time, if that's what you are asking.  But I did get more than I bargained for.  Back in December of 2009, when Justin Bieber was a young impressionable 15 year old with a broken foot, I was an intern starting my radio career.

Justin Bieber was performing at an event where I was an intern.  Part of my job that day was to set up the artist's dressing rooms.  I remember vividly that Justin requested a specific stool from IKEA (since he wasn't going to be doing all of his fancy dance moves with his broken foot.)  We didn't have this stool so we sent out one of the other station staff to get it for him.  Justin also requested that he have clean white crew socks and t-shirts on his rider.  How many pairs of socks does one guy need?  I mean, he's got a broken foot and it's in a moon boot!

Any-who, the time came when Mr. Bieber took the stage.  I was then in charge of running around the concert venue finding the BIGGEST Beliebers to pass out meet and greet passes to.  I found pre-teens with signs, t-shirts, face paint... you name it.  I literally made these girls cry with the contents of my 100 envelopes.  I have never seen so many young girls cry.

After Justin's performance on stage, I was to lead these "crying Beliebers" to an area where they could meet their beloved Justin.  Because of his young age and the amount of ladies Justin had to meet, it was very important that Justin could not work past a certain time.  I don't remember if it was 10pm or 11pm though, I worked 24 hours straight that day.  Needless to say, I instructed these "super-fans" to get in groups of 5 and smile.  I didn't care if you knew the person next to you or not, you want a picture with the 15 year old boy wonder, you get in a group, you smile, you leave.

As the final group got their pictures taken, the clock struck...and no more work for the Biebs.

Then...  15 year old Justin Bieber turns and looks at me, and says in a squeaky voice.... "Well don't I get to take a picture with you?"  I'm sure he could read the very uncomfortable look on my face as I said... "Ugh, alright?"

This is where it gets strange.

15 year old Justin then turns to me, proceeds to wrap his skinny arms around my lower back and hips and place his head lovingly on my chest.  Yes I was "Motorboated" by Justin Bieber.  (Look it up if you don't know what that means.)  He then lovingly wiggled his head there for a moment, then looks up at me and quotes his hit song's line, "I'd give it to you one time girl!"  I gave him an even stranger look than I did before, leaned back and...

... FLASH!  The moment will forever be kept in time.

Justin Bieber and I




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