On a hot summer day in Illinois, there's nothing more refreshing than a delicious milkshake, and here are the best ones in the Rockford area.

Memories Of Having Milkshakes As A Kid In Illinois

I remember as a kid in Illinois, going out to eat with family at little mom-and-pop diners around where I grew up. If I was lucky, my parents would let me order a shake. It didn't happen very often but when I could that was something special.

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It was probably because I would finish it before my actual meal came. Then I was too full to eat the food. The best thing was that not only did you get the big glass but the server would also bring the leftover shake in the canister it was made in. What a great bonus. When they added whipped cream and cherry, it was even better.

Rockford's Favorite Milkshakes

The Seven Best Places For Milkshakes In The Rockford Area

Of course, I'm always looking for the next best milkshake in the Rockford area. I did a survey on social media and here are the top seven favorites.

  • #2 Dairyhaus (you can never go wrong with anything from there)

Honorable Mention

Man Bundt Bakery: Small Illinois Bakery Creates Most Amazing Cakes You've Ever Seen

Every occasion that calls for cake, this is my 'go-to' spot. Sculpting the absolute coolest cakes around. A peanut-free facility, vegan-friendly and incredible.

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