The 4th of July is over pal.

Best Rockford Facebook Fail
Andy Brown, Thinkstock

Just when you thought Rockford couldn't get more explosive, here comes this bum.

Like dynamite, real dynamite. First off if you just happen to casually have a stick of dynamite on you, please leave.

Rockford Police made their way to Armando and confronted him about his premature explosion.  It turns out that this model citizen has been charged with the following: DUI, reckless conduct, and possession of explosives.

  • DUI
  • Reckless conduct
  • Possession of explosives
  • Failing to be cool

With all of the drama, this city has dealt with lately, I am just happy no one was hurt during this display of stupidity. Although Armando losing a finger or 3 would have made the story a little better.



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