Blowing up your building is not a recommended way for a new owner to redecorate a bar just purchased in Wisconsin.

When A New Owner Purchases An Old Business In Wisconsin

Whenever a new person purchases an older business, like a bar for example. For the most part, one of the first things they are looking to do is to put their own touch on it. Of course, that usually means doing some remodeling. This is the perfect example of what not to do.

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Longtime Wisconsin Bar Sold To New Owner

The longtime owners of Beagle’s Bar and Grill in Lyndon Station were looking to retire. Nobody in their family was in the position to purchase the business so they put it up for sale on the open market. A man from Baraboo, who already owned a couple of bars bought the location.

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Explosion Inside Wisconsin Bar

Just a couple of weeks after the purchase of this bar, there was an explosion inside causing major damage. Luckily, it was during the late-night hours and the business was closed so nobody was hurt. All of the employees are brokenhearted.

Fire Truck 911
Explosions In Wisconsin Bar

New Owner Sets Off Explosion In Wisconsin Bar

During the investigation of the explosion, authorities did find some evidence. In the lower level, the first responders discovered a couple of gas cans along with towels drenched with it. The police also found a wig and bloody handprints. Witnesses told police the new older had threatened to burn the building down earlier in the week.

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When the new owner of the bar was brought in for questioning, he had severe burns all over his body. He denied all charges against him. The suspect blamed the wounds on a grilling accident. The man was arrested.

According to,

A Baraboo man will spend the next 13 years in a state prison for trying to blow up a bar in Lyndon Station last year.


Heath Fjorden was found guilty of Arson of a Building with Intent to Defraud, a class C felony.

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