Late on Saturday night, did you hear a loud explosion type sound outside in Rockford?

Saturday night I got home from "Stroll on State" and I was taking advantage of not having to get up early on Sunday morning. I stayed up late watching movies.

I can't remember what time it was, but I heard a loud explosion type sound. At the time, I thought it was someone shooting off some fireworks.

The next day I started looking at the internet and social media to see if anyone else heard it. I checked the app that my neighborhood participates in. There was a thread about it. I saw posts on Facebook including on Rockford Scanner and Rockford Mugshots.

What was that loud boom in Rockford?

  • Fireworks?
  • Thunder?
  • Gun shoots?
  • Sonic boom from a jet?
  • Meteor shower?
  • Earthquake?
  • Explosion?

None of the above.

When I googled it, this is what I found.

According to,

"Mysterious booms have been sounding across the globe this year, but nobody can seem to work out exactly why."

This is really weird. Hopefully, scientists can come up with some sort of explanation.

Have you heard the booms here in the Rockford area?

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