The words "At Risk For Explosion" will pretty much guarantee a recall, no matter what your product is--with the exception of bombs, grenades, and/or fireworks.

When used in association with a craft beer, you can pretty much take it to the bank that the brewery is going to want that beer back.

Lakefront Brewery took to Instagram to let their followers know that the brew "My Turn Junk" features an ingredient that causes significant pressure to build up inside the bottle. That ingredient appears to be cherries.

The post states that “wild yeast from the cherries used to brew the may continue to ferment, building up pressure in the bottles, making them at risk for explosion.” The brewery issued the voluntary recall after three bottles of the brew exploded, WTVR reports. No injuries or formal complaints have reportedly been filed in connection with the beer, however.

WTVR reports that Michael Stodola, an employee of Lakefront Brewery, confirmed the issue. He said, “Dealing with nature is unpredictable. That wild yeast continues to eat the sugars and continues to output CO2 and alcohol and that builds pressure in the bottles." The beer is part of the “My Turn” series, where employees are each given a chance to create their own beer, WTVR reports. MY Turn Junk was reportedly the creation of Andy Jungwirth. WTVR reports that Jungwirth was “disappointed” and that he said that the brewery was unlikely to make another batch.

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