A young man named Tanner Elliott wants to build a wheel chair accessible ramp at Harlem High School and needs the communities help.

This story just gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. You know the feeling, when you are so proud, happy and your faith in today's youth has been restored all at the same time?

Yep, that just happened for me.

Tanner Elliott is working towards the rank of an Eagle Scout. If you are not familiar with the Eagle Scout program, it is the highest ranking of the Boy Scouts of America. Tanner explains on his GoFundMe page that he is required to create a project that will help benefit the community.

Tanner has decided that he would like to build a handicap accessible ramp and platform over looking the football field at Harlem High School.

I would bet that you have been to many football games at Huskie Field and never once thought twice about walking up the stairs to the bleachers. What if you couldn't walk up the stairs? You'd be watching the game from ground level, which can be a challenge to see the entire field and all the football and halftime action.

Tanner is taking it into his own hands and is asking for the communities help.

If he can raise enough money for building supplies, he will plan on having construction completed by the spring of 2017.


Currently, his GoFundMe Page has raised a little over $1,300 in the past 16 days. There is still a long way to go before he makes his goal of $15,000, but I'm confident that with his hard work and dedication he will succeed.

I'm so inspired by this young man, and it's clear that he ROCKS! Best wishes to you Tanner, you are going to do big things in this world with that giant heart of yours!

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