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When The Rock takes time to tell you you're "one helluva athlete" and you're on his radar, you're doing something right. This is exactly what happened to former Harlem Huskies' defensive lineman, Josh Black. Black now plays for Syracuse and continues to develop into a showstopping beast. The 23-year old health and exercise science major can squat over 700 pounds, according to Syracuse's football roster.

In the video Black posted to Twitter, the supreme athlete does a running backflip off a wall, captured in slow motion. It's definitely eye-catching. The flip and the context of his tweet, "Not perfect yet but still practicing to become @TheRock‘s stunt double eventually." was enough for the People's Champ to take a moment to retweet and comment on the short clip.

If there's one thing we know about the most electrifying superstar in the world it's that Rocky gives chances to those who catch his eye in a positive way. It may not happen overnight but it would be awesome to see Josh Black take part in one of Dwayne Johnson's upcoming projects.

The running backflip off of a wall-skill isn't the only trick Black knows. While I'm eating out of boredom he's learning how to do a no-handed running backflip.

This dude has "WWE Superstar" written all over himself if you smell what I'm cookin'.

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