Be inspired. Be inspiring. Call out Captain Jack on Facebook.


Ethan Taylor is an amazing man. Ethan has teamed up with another amazing man, Jim McIlroy from Food 4 Fuel.

Now, this isn't a diet. This isn't some sort of commercial for a magic pill. This is the story of a young man changing his life, to save his life. Eating right, working hard, and being in the right frame of mind to become a better and healthier person.

Here is a bit of Ethan's story from Jimmy Mac:

Guys. If this doesn’t make you smile and give you a lil inspiration I don’t know what will.

My man Ethan Taylor willing to give Jump rope a try after our workout tonight.

He hasn’t done this in a long time, like 11th grade ish. And 1st time he is willing to slap it on video “for the people”....

You watch, I guarantee in a few weeks when we shoot another jump roping video. He will be smooth.

Progress. Not perfection.

In order to get progress. You need to be willing to try. Ethan is willing to try!

Down 70 pounds and not stopping, this isn’t a diet. This is a lifestyle change.

Stay tuned for our 21 day confidence building Sprint program starting Aug 13th. We have assembled a small team of people to work out with Ethan to keep him encouraged. The Fuel Of encouragement puts the wind behind his sails and his consistent effort inspires us all!!

So with that said I received a video Facebook message, of Ethan, CALLING ME OUT. It started as a friendly, "hey wouldn't it be nice..." and ending with Ethan calling me out.

It looks like Sunday, August 12th is the day my friend. Ethan, get ready to take a trip to "Gunshow". See you soon, buddy.

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