A new local organization called "Blue 815" is getting into the holiday spirit with a big event to benefit Carpenter's Place on Thursday, December 20th.




First let's learn about BLUE 815:

The mission of BLUE 815 is to honor our heroes that make up the Thin Blue Line - the line that separates order from chaos, that protects you while you sleep, and that runs toward the face of danger with a level of courage not known to most. With the badge comes sacrifice, knowing donning the uniform can make one both a hero or target. Police officers put their lives on the line every time they put on the badge, and some of our own have given all to protect the Rockford community. It is our objective to humanize the badge.

BLUE 815 is run by a collective group of law enforcement family members, former law enforcement officers, and local community members that support our men and women in blue.

Through BLUE 815 we will keep the community informed of current law enforcement news, highlights, and concerns, both locally and nationally. We will continue our work to help bridge the gap and build trust between citizens and police by sharing stories about the numerous ways men and women in blue make our community and our world a better and far safer place every single day. We have seen the morale on our local departments improve as support from the community has strengthened for our peacekeepers. Blue 815 encourages you to keep that support going - it means more than you could ever know. 

So here is the event info taking place next Thursday (12/20) along with ANOTHER community strong fella Jimmy Mac and Food 4 Fuel:

  • Food 4 Fuel is offering buy one get one FREE meals to go with a donation to Carpenter's Place
  • December 20th 4 pm - 6 pm at Carlsons Ice Arena - 4150 North Perryville
  • Carpenter's Place helps out the homeless in our community and are looking for the following items: CLICK LINK 

Two for one Food 4 Fuel "grab n go" meals from the powerful and attractive Jimmy Mac, with a donation that helps of Carpenter's Place. That's a win for everyone involved.


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