April 6th at "Slots4Fun", 6734 Broadcast Pkwy in Loves Park, there's a fundraiser for a great local law enforcement group called Blue 815. Here's a little about the organization:

The mission of BLUE 815 is to honor our heroes that make up the Thin Blue Line - the line that separates order from chaos, that protects you while you sleep, and that runs toward the face of danger with a level of courage not known to most. With the badge comes sacrifice, knowing donning the uniform can make one both a hero or target. Police officers put their lives on the line every time they put on the badge, and some of our own have given all to protect the Rockford community. It is our objective to humanize the badge.




This awesome event at Slots4Fun runs from 7pm - 12am, come on out and have State Rep John Cabello serve you up a drink!






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