Not feeling it today? Be inspired by Ethan and kick Monday's butt.

Photo - Ethan Taylor
Photo - Ethan Taylor

When Ethan started his journey 9 months ago, he set a goal to lose 100 lbs.

The story of Ethan is pretty amazing and humbling. Here's a young man that was overweight and needed to make a change in his life. With the help of Jim and Food 4 Fuel, AND a Rockford community filed with good people, he has 11 lbs to go....ELEVEN!

The "roller coaster" story is powerful and shows Ethan's drive. Here's an update from Ethan, check this amazing story:

First off can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 9 months.

Secondly here’s how the last 4 weeks have gone

Week 33) -2 lbs
Week 34) -4 lbs
Week 35) +2 lbs
Week 36) -6 lbs
Total lost: -89 lbs
Current weight: 279

Hello 270’s can’t remember the last time I was there.
This last 4 week block has been awesome!

The 21 Day Sprint To Confidence is just so great to be apart of.

The first group was amazing and I made some good friends and met so many amazing people.

Experienced so many different types of gyms and training!

The second group started last Monday and it is going well so far.

Really lookin forward to getting to know everyone in the group better!

I’m honestly blown away by where this journey has taken me.

I’ve gone from being a loner in trying to do everything myself to having so much help from so many awesome people.

Im even somewhat of a coach for these 21 day sprints.

I only have 11 more pounds to lose until I get to force Jim onto a roller coaster for those of you who don’t know Jim said when I lost 100 pounds we could go celebrate by going on some roller coaster. Why you ask?

Well the last time I went to six flags (5 years ago I think) I was to big for them to shut the buckle on my ride so I had to get off in front of hundreds of people and do the walk of shame. It was the single most embarrassing moment of my life.

So once I hit 100 pounds lost I’m going back so I can erase that moment from my life

This has been an awesome 9 months.

Becoming healthy has brought me so much joy and mental clarity and I couldn’t do it without everyone who has reached out and encouraged me!

Thanks everyone! Until next month

Ethan Taylor


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