About a month ago I asked the question, Jet Foods where are you? It seems we now have an answer.

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Jet Foods CEO, C. Peterson, recently told mystateline.com that they plan on opening their Rockford location on the Northwest side of town by summer of next year. Along with the claims of being the most affordable option around, Jet Foods plan to hire for 70 full-time jobs and 15 part-time jobs. These new Rockford jobs will start out at $16 per hour too.

The new grocery store is coming to an area of town, N. Main and Riverside, that could use another affordable option to do their shopping. 9th Ward Alderman Bill Rose also believes the opening of Jet Foods will be a game-changer for the West Side and after looking at their overall plan with the multiple services offered, could positively impact the area.

Ald. Rose continued with:

When you look at other parts of town, there are 4, 5, 6, even 7 different places they can go to, to really get groceries and create competition. My hope is that having Jet foods into the NW end can help create that competition and also create an atmosphere for other stores to see that you can make it on the west side,”

I also hope this creates an opportunity for other options that need it in other areas of Rockford. I also look forward to shopping Jet Foods once they're open next summer.

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