Rockford residents are being urged if you see something, say something because there be a serial rapist at large.

This past Thursday, February 12th, the fifth victim was assaulted in her home. The suspect is entering the victim's home and then processed to attack her.

According to the report on, over the past 12 months, detectives have been investigating a series of two strong-armed robbery incidents and five sexual assaults on the Northwest side of Rockford.

Police are saying that the threat of sexual assault was made in the most recent strong-armed robbery incident, but the suspect never followed through on that threat.

It was after a recent similar assault on December 13th that the Rockford Police advised the public that they were investigating a series of similar rapes and home invasions.

There seems to be no indication that the victims knew who the suspect and that these attacks are being done by one perpetrator.

City officials are suggesting ways that the community can stay safe during this ongoing investigation.

Rockford Police are out in full force looking for this perpetrator. Rockford Police Department Lieutenant Randy Berke told

“We’ve got detectives that are working on this, we’ve got patrol officers that are working on this I mean it’s definitely receiving a lot of our attention,”


Residents are also being encouraged to get more involved within their neighborhood.

“I think that wherever you are we live in an age today where everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings,” Lt. Berke said. “Get involved with your neighbor, your neighborhood watch groups, form one, just be a good neighbor look out for each other.”

Lt. Berke says that residents should take precautions.

What we like to say is making yourself a hardened target,” Lt. Berke said. “The best is security systems, alarm systems ones that get monitored, but I know there’s a cost to that. Locking all your doors, locking all your windows, making sure nobody’s following you when you’re driving around or coming home, making sure that you do have a cellphone with you, keeping yourself aware of your surroundings.”


But ultimately Police suggest if you see something, say something. Warning that residents "keep their eyes and ears open" if something seems suspicious, report it to police immediately.

If you have any information please contact the Rockford Police at 815-966-2900 or Crime Stoppers at 815-963-7867.

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