If a zombie outbreak were to occur, how would Illinois fair compared to the rest of the country?

Fernando Gregory Milan

According to UnDeadWalking.com, the Land of Lincoln ranks at 21 out of 50 states in terms of zombie outbreak survival.

Why did we receive this ranking?

For starters, we have an abundance of farmland and the author of the article feels that those farms are heavily armed by the owners.

But the main reason they faired us so highly in terms of survival is because of Chicago. Because they feel Chicago is such an aggressive city to live in, similar to that of Philly.

Our winters tend to get colder than most, not to mention years of torture endured by Cubs fans were also factors that add to our anger issues. I'm sure being a Bears fan during recent years may also be a factor.

I don't see us as being that aggressive, cynical maybe, but not that aggressive.

I do, however, have no doubt that in the event of a zombie outbreak Rockfordians would kick major undead butt!

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