Zombie raccoons have been found in the Chicago area.

From afar, raccoons look like a cuddly cute animal.

In reality, those creatures can be really mean. That's without any issues. I don't have any desire in running into any with a bad disease.

In Riverside, Illinois, they're having some problems with infected raccoons.

According to abc7chicago.com,

"Dog owners in west suburban Riverside are being told to watch out for zombie raccoons."

Now, before you get freaked out about a "zombie invasion," here's what's going on.

"The animals carry the distemper virus, which can be lethal to dogs. Riverside police said they have seen an increase in cases of canine distemper virus found in raccoons." 

Why do they call them "zombies?"

"The zombie description refers to the way infected raccoons walk on their hind legs, stagger and bare their teeth." 

Every year, area police departments receive many calls about raccoons acting strange.

How do you protect your pets from them?

"Police ask pet owners to vaccinate their dogs and supervise them while they are outside, even in a fenced-in yard."

Symptoms of a "raccoon zombie" attack are "ocular and nasal discharge, sneezing, coughing, lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, and seizures."

You don't have to worry about a crazy critter trying to eat your brains but please keep your pets safe.

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