This town in Illinois is known for its annual infamous snow sculpture for adults.

Throughout Illinois, there are hundreds of little towns. All of those places have something unique that each of them is known for. Some are well known, others are just a local thing. No matter what, they are all considered traditions.

Since many annual events have been postponed, I am usually very supportive of things that can still happen. It is winter and the weather does not like to cooperate. We live in northern Illinois, so we accept it for what it is. We are not afraid to battle the elements for some entertainment. Especially, now when we are pretty much stuck at home most of the time. The outdoors seems to be a safer environment at this time.

Recently, Rockford hosted the Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition. A few days ago I drove through Sinnissippi Park with my family to check out the creations. It is a fun activity for everyone. I recommend doing it.

Rockford is not the only place that has an event like this in Illinois. It could be like the holiday light displays. You could take road trips to visit different ones. That would be some great family fun.

I do want to let you know, there is one place you definitely want to avoid with the family. The sculpture is for "adult" eyes only.

According to,

"In Downers Grove, one such tradition has returned to the delight, or dismay, of local residents: the Prairie Avenue snow penis. The phallic snow sculpture, which has been a local tradition for more than 10 years. There was no way to doubt the stark realism of the penis sculpture."

I might have found this funny in my younger days, but after becoming a parent, not so much. Could you imagine driving by with your kids? There would be a lot of questions to be answered.

If you would like to see the dirty snow sculpture, I found it on Twitter. I am just going to put a link instead of the actual post. NSFW HERE.

What do you think?

Video: The History of Hammy from Rockford IceHogs

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