Last week a snow sculpture popped up in Rockford that really caught the public's eye. So much so it even caught the eye of Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara!

Rockford instantly fell in love with the sculpture. People were driving by, taking pictures, getting out to ask questions and get a closer look. The artist is Fran Volz. He purchased an empty lot in Rockford last year, and when it snowed, he thought, why not put this lot and snow to good use?

Then the mermaid was created.

Our first snow of the season...only 1-1/2". But the weather was perfect: highs 28°F, cloudy all week!

Posted by Fran Volz on Friday, January 8, 2021

But what's a mermaid without some fish friends? Well, when the snow storm hit this weekend, Fran got to work again.

One for the kids....a snow sculpture in living color! 😃

Posted by Fran Volz on Friday, January 29, 2021

How incredible is that?

Reflections of Rockford - Mermaid Update

I woke up early to shovel after the snow storm. Then I made my way to see The...

Posted by Reflections of Rockford on Sunday, January 31, 2021

The sculptures are located at 1103 Church St. Rockford.

So how does the goldfish get its fun coloring? Well, when somebody asked Fran on Facebook he detailed -

Liquid acrylic paint mixed with water in a spray bottle.

It seriously looks so magical! I saw a Facebook comment that said he's going to be adding another mermaid this week. So if you're out and about, be sure to swing by and check out these amazing snow sculptures.

Here's an honorable mention I saw in the comment section. This is a piece Fran did previously, "Snowah's Ark"


Can't wait to see what pops up in Rockford next.

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