After getting busted for shoplifting, this Illinois thief tries to use a karate kick to get away and it's an epic fail.

Illinois Criminals Run Up The Charges On Themselves

It's funny because I believe most criminals that end up with multiple charges during an arrest don't intend on getting into that much trouble. That's just how it plays out. They might want to just steal some booze from a liquor store. Unfortunately, that usually doesn't work out.

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They end up getting caught and then trying to escape. Whatever actions they take to get away usually cause more trouble. For example, if they push a security guard while running off, that's considered battery. I would call that adding insult to injury. That's why they're dumb criminals committing stupid crimes.

Illinois Shoplifter Arrested

Illinois Man Arrested For Stealing And Kicking

The incident was reported recently at a gas station near the University of Illinois campus in Champaign. Surprisingly, it happened during the middle of the day. The suspect entered the store. He was acting kind of shady while he was wandering around the location so the employee kept a sharp eye on the man.

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As soon as the shoplifter tried pocketing a tasty beverage, the convenience store worker was all over the guy to bust him for stealing. The thief panicked and did his best "Karate Kid" impersonation. He lifted his leg in the air and kicked the employee like it was the championship round of a big tournament.

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The Suspect was temporarily able to escape from arrest. After the theft, the gas station employee called the police. They were able to arrest the shoplifter a couple of blocks from the crime. Now, he will be facing even more charges for this idiotic action.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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