Backyard concerts for your home are being offered by a music venue in Illinois.

Of course, there have been many things I've missed during the quarantine. As restrictions start opening up, I'll be able to experience some of them again. One of my favorite things to do is going to concerts. Unfortunately, I think it will be a while before those start happening again.

I feel bad for music venues because they've been hit very hard during the pandemic. Many don't offer other services to try and help supplement their income. I've talked about it many times. Once again, creativity steps up in this difficult.

Space, a club in Evanston, Illinois has figured out a way to satisfy both of these needs. They will put on a show in your backyard.

According to,

"After selecting an artist and getting a quote (pricing starts at $750, based on location, date and artist), SPACE will get the musician to your home, bringing along amps, microphones, décor, signage, pizza from Union and a beverage of the host's choice. Hosts need to provide a private outdoor space, stay at least 12 feet away from the performer, wear face coverings while watching the performance and ensure that the gathering doesn't exceed 10 people (neighbors can watch from porches and passersby can take in the show from a safe distance)."

What a great idea.

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