A legendary music venue in Chicago will soon be reopening in a new location.

The Double Door was home to many famous shows including the Rolling Stones in September of 1997.

Check out some video of the show.

Video: Rolling Stones at the Double Door

It was also in the John Cusack movie "High Fidelity."

I went there several times. In fact, one of my friends worked there for years.

Unfortunately, when the venue's lease expired in 2015 the landlord evicted them. After a long court battle, the owners of the Double Door lost and were forced to move out.

Many fans thought that might be the end of the famous concert hall.

With lots of hard work, there's finally some good news.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"Double Door to reopen in old Wilson Avenue Theater in Uptown."

Here's a little history about the new facility.

"The theater, opened in 1909, was once one of Uptown’s largest venues; showing two vaudeville performances a night and frequently hosting performers from the American Music Hall in the Loop. It seated 600 on the main floor and 300 in the balcony before being converted to Fidelity Bank in 1919. Most recently, it housed a TCF Bank until 2011 and was purchased by Cedar Street Commercial properties in 2013."

I'm glad to see the owners never gave up. Even after being forced to start over.

I can wait to make new memories at the "new" Double Door.


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